How the DD Waiver Works

Virginia's Developmental Disability Waiver Program is complex, complicated and subject to change.  Here we have  DD Waiver topics to select to find more information. Remember, parent income is never considered for Medicaid Waiver eligibility.  Know that you may contact The Arc of Virginia if you have questions or need assistance with accessing and/or using the DD Waiver Program.  Information is Power!   

Eligibility Requirements and Application Process

What Happens When You are on the DD Wait List

Resources While you Wait

DD Waiver Services 

Reimbursement Rates for DD Services

Supports Intensity Scale

DD Waiver Regulations  p.97

Appeal Rights and Process

Other Resources
Medicaid Eligibility when Turning 18 years old
Navigating the DD Waivers: A Guide for Individuals, Families and Support Partners June 2019 
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