Eligibility Requirements and Applying for the DD Waiver

To be eligible for the waiver:

  • You must meet Virginia’s Definition of Developmental Disability.
  • You must meet the functional criteria for the VA Individual Developmental Disability Eligibility Survey (VIDES) Click to view the: VIDES AdultVIDES Child, VIDES Infant.
  •  You do not have to apply or be enrolled in Medicaid when you apply for a waiver.  Remember that parent income is never considered for Medicaid Waiver eligibility. To utilize the waiver you must apply and qualify for Medicaid if you are not already enrolled in Medicaid.

To apply for the Developmental Disability Waiver services contact your local Community Services Board.  The Community Services Board (CSB) staff will determine if you:
1.meet the definition of a developmental disability and
2. meet the functional criteria as assessed on the VIDES screening tool.

The Waiver Assignment Process is coordinated by your local Community Services Board. Waivers are assigned based on support needs. Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria are placed on the needs based waiting list due to the limited number of waivers funded. It is not a chronological waiting list.

Advocacy Tips for individuals/families requesting services and on the Wait List:

  • Prepare for the DD Waiver Screening by reviewing the VIDES, and Priority Level Determination, forms prior to the screening, so that you are prepared to report the information required to the Community Services Board screener/case manager.
  • When being assessed for the VIDES, describe how you/family member would perform if you/they have NO supports or services available.  How would the individual perform the skills being assessed if they were completely alone in their home/community?  Describe challenges.  Do not sugar coat. 
  • The individual does not have to be present for the entire screening if there is someone else who can respond to the questions. 
  • Be sure to keep copies of the VIDES and Priority Level Determination, review for accuracy and report any changes while on the wait list.

Regulations: Click to view the Developmental Disability Waiver Emergency Regulations starting on p. 97.