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Picture of young woman with dark brown hair and a title that says, "Getting a Job: Milly's Story". Text then states Milly wants to find a job that will fit into her schedule. She volunteers at an animal shelter, and is in a leadership role at her local self advocacy group. Her ideal job is one where she can walk or use public transit and be surrounded by animals. The next panel states Milly learned about Quillo Connect at her most recent self advocacy meeting. Shay's video stood out to Milly and encouraged her to register for Quillo Connect. An image of a young woman with dark skin is shown behind a still frame of a video clip titled "Shay's First Job". The final panel shows an image of a woman with blond hair behind a still frame of a video clip. Text states Today, Milly watches videos daily about the different kinds of jobs people have. She really likes the interview tips as she gets ready to find her dream job.


A young woman with dark skin is shown sitting and smiling with a title that reads Making Friends: Joy's Story. Text states Joy moved to a new city and wants to make friends that share her interest in poetry, anime, and reading. The second panel reads Joy's support coordinator introduced her to Quillo Connect by showing her Stephanie's video about friendship and Joy was able to relate to Stephanie's experience. An image of a young woman with light skin is shown with a still frame of a video clip. The third panel shows a few people smiling, some with visible disabilities. Text reads Today, it's been 6 months since Joy joined Quillo Connect. By learning about other people's stories on Quillo Connect, she found encouragement to try new things. She has since made friends by exploring her interests in her new city.


And image of two young men with light skin, one sitting in a wheel chair, is shown with the title "Our Parents are Getting Older: James & Ben’s Story". Text then reads, "Ben lives with his Mom & Dad, who are retired. His brother James is talking with Ben about where he wants to live in the future. Ben is thinking about living with friends or moving in with James." The second panel shows a computer screen, tablet and mobil phone. Text reads, "James and Ben learned about Quillo Connect from an organization's newsletter. They set up a Circle of Support together and watch videos about living with roommates, shared living, and more." The third panel shows a close up of text that says, "Roommate Agreement". Text reads, Currently, Ben thinks living with a few friends in the same neighborhood as James would be a great fit. Ben and James are starting to share videos with their parents so they can all make a plan together."


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