Virginia has greatly increased the housing options and support funding available to adults (18+) with developmental disabilities who are in the Settlement Agreement population. Not sure if you are in the Settlement Agreement population? You are in if you have a Developmental Disability(DD) Medicaid Waiver OR are on the DD Medicaid Waiver Wait List.

The VA Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) coordinates several housing options programs. The options allow you to find and select your own housing options with supports; you are not limited to subsidized housing projects.

  • You are responsible for finding a “unit” where the landlord agrees to rent under the program.
  • The rental housing subsidy is paid to the landlord on your behalf and you are responsible for the difference between the actual rental rate and the subsidy.
  • Housing units must have a full kitchen and bathroom, which can include detached single family homes, townhomes, condos or units in an apartment building.

However, vouchers may not be used for a group home, boarding house, an assisted living facility, a room for rent, or a rental unit shared by more than three people with a disability.

Historically, the process of receiving public housing assistance took many years, but these programs typically do not involve a long waiting period.

You may have supports and accommodations to live successfully such as live-in “aides”. (Parents, grandparents and guardians may not live with the individual).

How Can I Get Housing Financial Assistance?

Contact your DD Case Manager/Support Coordinator at your local Community Services Board or Behavioral Health Authority. 

Where can I get more information about the Housing Programs?

You can read all about Housing Choice Vouchers, State Rental Assistance Program, Flexible Funds and much more here.