Crisis Services

REACH (Regional Education Assessment Crisis Habilitation)
The REACH Program serves children and adults with a developmental disability who have significant behavioral and/or mental health issues. Through center and community based supports it provides crisis prevention and intervention services. Referrals and requests for REACH services may be made by individuals, families or service providers.

REACH is a statewide service with 5 regional programs serving all ages.

Region I: Charlottesville and Surrounding Areas
(855) 917-8278

Region II: Northern Virginia
Adults 18 + (855) 897-8278 Children 844-627-4747

Region III: Southwest Virginia
(855) 887-8278

Region IV: Richmond and Surrounding Areas
(833) 968-1800

Region V: Southeast Virginia/Tidewater Area
Adults 18+ (855) 807-8278 Children 888-225-2989

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