Individual and Family Support


Infants, toddlers, children and adults living with developmental disabilities (DD) and their families achieve their potential and goals in life when they are able to easily access information and referral, training, advocacy tools, and support throughout the lifespan.  Various types of support for individuals and families/caregivers is essential to achieve a meaningful life with dignity. 





The Arc of Virginia provides support through:

  • Information and Referral for individuals with DD, families, caregivers
  • Education and Training for people with DD, families, caregivers, providers
  • Support and Guidance for accessing Virginia's public and private services system

We connect people to local, state and national resources as appropriate.  Support for problem solving, assistance with  as well as tools for advocacy are part of The Arc of Virginia's Individual and Family Support service.

Contact The Arc of Virginia when you need assistance or even when you don't even know what to ask - we are here to help you be informed, guide you so that you have the information and resources you need and connect you to others so that you may live the life of your choosing.    

Email [email protected]