What Happens When You are on the DD Waiver Wait List

The DD Waiver Program is coordinated by your local Community Services Board. Waivers are assigned based on the urgency of need for support. Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria are placed on the needs based waiting list due to the limited number of waivers funded. It is not a chronological waiting list.

1. The Community Services Board(CSB) staff will assess your situation with you to establish your Priority Needs Checklist Level of 1, 2, or 3 on the waiting list. Contact your case manager/support coordinator when your support needs change or you move. Your priority level may change as your needs change.

2. IF you are in Priority Level One, your needs will be assessed by the CSB/case manager/support coordinator to generate a priority needs score on the Critical Needs Summary  Discuss the information requested on the Critical Needs Summary with your case manager The Critical Needs Summary is reviewed and updated annually and whenever your needs change which may result in a different priority needs score. It is important that you contact your case manager whenever your needs change.  Keep a copy of your Critical Needs Summary

3. When waiver slots are available for assignment, individuals with the highest priority needs scores in each local CSB, are considered for a waiver. If you are in the pool of people with the highest scores, then your case manager/support coordinator will prepare a written summary of your needs and situation on the Slot Assignment Review Form.   Discuss the information requested on the Slot Assignment Review Form with your case managerNote: the priority needs score (on the Critical Needs Summary) is relative to the individuals in Priority Level one at your local CSB.

4. Individuals who are in the pool of those with the highest scores in the CSB, are reviewed by the Waiver Slot Assignment Committee. The Committee reviews the anonymous Slot Assignment Review Form  for those in pool. The Waiver Slot Assignment Committee scores each individual on the Waiver Slot Assignment Scoring Summary to determine who will be assigned waivers.

MIND YOUR MAIL - While you are on the DD Waiver Wait List you will be contacted annually to find out if you want to stay on the Wait List.  The Virginia Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services will send you forms ("Documentation of Individual Choice Between Institutional Care of Home and Community-Based Services"; "Annual Attestation Documentation of Individual Choice"; and "Needed Services") that you must complete and return to remain on the DD Waiver Wait List.  If you want to stay on the DD Waiver Wait List you must check that you want DD Waiver Services or check that you want to be served by an Intermediate Care Facility and be on the DD Waiver Wait List. 

You may update your status by using the Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services' Wait List portal.  Go to the link below to set up an account for the Wait List OR for the Individual and Family Support Program.  Be sure to specify the correct choice. 


Emergency Waivers are assigned by the VA Dept. of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services (DBHDS) to individuals who meet the Emergency Waiver Criteria. There are a limited number of emergency waivers.

P.S. When you are on the waiting list you are eligible for the Individual and Family Support Program. 

Advocacy Tips for individuals/families Waiver Wait List.

  • Communicate changes in your situation in a timely manner to your case manager/support coordinator so that your support needs are accurately documented on the VIDES, Priority Needs Checklist, Critical Needs Summary and the Slot Assignment Review forms applicable to your status.

  • Review the completed documents for accuracy and request copies for your records.