URGENT ACTION ALERT - Now through Tuesday October 20, 2020
Call Governor Northam TODAY and tell him that 

                       Developmental Disabilities NEEDS 2% TO PRESERVE!                          Governor Northam’s Office - (804) 786-2211

While we were able to successfully advocate to  have many of our funding priorities for the Special Session included in the budget conference report, two critical supports -- Retainer Payments for In-Home and Supported Employment, and Preservation Payments for Residential Services -- did not receive any funding from the Coronavirus Relief Fund amount that Virginia has to spend.  

As we have been telling the Governor and the General Assembly for months: the dollars represented by these priorities are a direct investment in public health and safety for our communities -- both during COVID-19, and in the rebuilding that follows. There is money left from the Relief Fund available: the Governor can and SHOULD put part of it towards further supporting our DD Waiver system during this pandemic!

        We need all advocates, families, neighbors, and friends to start calling the Governor’s office TODAY -- AND                                                 CONTINUING INTO MONDAY & TUESDAY -- with the following message:

"The monies included in the conference report do not include two critical supports that are desperately needed, in order to provide relief to the DD System. As a Virginian, I urge you to use part of the remaining Relief Fund dollars for (1) Retainer Payments for In-Home AND Supported Employment and (2) Preservation Payments for Residential Services - $20 per person, per day.  This is needed IN ADDITION to all of the funding for the DD System that IS included in the conference report.  We need to keep individuals with waivers, our families, our providers, and our caregivers safe and healthy during this pandemic -- WE NEED 2% TO PRESERVE! ”


                         Governor Northam’s Office - (804) 786-2211


Special Session:  Convened August 18, 2020

Current Status: In Session

 Summary of Where Things Stand:

On September 25th, the House and Senate presented their Budget for State and CARES Act funding. They both woefully underfunded the DD System.

Advocacy Response: 

Mobilizing Advocates to:

1) Call & Email Legislators and Governor

2) Attend a Virtual Rally - Completed  

          TAKE ACTION NOW          



COVID-19 has created stress on an already stressed system that provides support to people with developmental disabilities.  To help industries devastated by COVID-19, the Federal Government has given States money from the CARES Act to provide relief to those industries.  The DD System is one of those systems here in Virginia, and desperately needs relief. 

Virginia received 3.1 BILLION from the CARES Act to support the needs of Virginians suffering impacts caused by the pandemic. But, the proposed Budget for Virginia, only gives the DD Waiver System 1% of that funding.  That is not enough.

 We are asking for the following Funding:   

  • Provide Relief Payments for Essential DD Waiver Services (COVID Relief Funds)

    • Add In-Home and Group Supported Employment to Item 479.10 #1s (While Maintaining Group Day, Community Engagement and Community Coaching)

    • Add Preservation Payments for Residential Services:  $20 per day/per person for:  Supported Living, Sponsored Residential and Group Home.  

  • Allow Telehealth and Virtual Learning for Certain DD Waiver Services (language only) – Item 313 #15s

  • Fully Restore Medicaid Funds for DD Waiver Provider Rates as a General Fund Allocation, without Contingency in FY 2022 (In Home, Supported Living, Sponsored Residential, Group Home, Community Engagement, Community Coaching, Workplace Assistance, Group Supported Employment, Group Day Support, Therapeutic Consultation, Peer Mentoring, Community Guide) – Item 479.30 #1h; 482.20 #18s; 479.20 #1s

  • Restore Funding to Finalize Rate Study for Private Day Schools in FY 2021 – Item 482.20 #14s

  • Require Medical Facilities to Allow Designated Persons to Accompany or Visit Disabled Patients (language only) – Item 300 #1h


Contact Governor's Office       (804) 786-2211             [email protected]

Contact ALL Legislators Listed Below:

Delegate Luke Torian              (804) 698-1052             [email protected]

Delegate Mark Sickles            (804) 698-1043             [email protected]

Delegate Betsy Carr               (804) 698-1069             [email protected]

Delegate David Bulova           (804) 698-1037             [email protected] 

Delegate Roslyn Tyler            (804) 698-1075             [email protected]

Delegate Barry Knight             (804) 698-1081             [email protected]

Senator Thomas Norment       (804) 698-7503            [email protected]  

Senator Janet Howell              (804) 698-7532             [email protected]                                  

Senator Richard Saslaw          (804) 698-7535            [email protected]

Senator Emmett Hanger         (804) 698-7524             [email protected]

Senator Louise Lucas             (804) 698-7518             [email protected]

Senator George Barker           (804) 698-7539             [email protected]

Senator Mamie Locke             (804) 698-7502             [email protected]


 VIRTUAL RALLY HELD:  Thursday October 8th, 6:45 PM - 7:15 PM 

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