Public Health Emergency, Medicaid, Waivers and Wait List

May 11, 2023 Update

Parents of Minors and Spouses/Legally Responsible Individuals as Paid Personal Care Providers (Medicaid Waivers)   
Parents of Minors and Spouses of people with Medicaid Waivers are allowed to be paid to provide personal care services due to the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency. This flexibility will be available as is until November 11, 2023.  To make it permanent, the VA Dept. of Medical Services must receive approval from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). The request to CMS removes the option for parents of minors and spouses to use the Consumer-Direction option in the Family and Individual Services Waiver.  Instead, parents of minors and spouses who want to be paid Medicaid Waiver providers must do so through Agency-Directed services. 

To date, Virginia has not been notified by CMS if the FIS and BI waiver applications have been approved.  If it is approved, which seems likely, DMAS is planning to hold webinars about the change. The Arc of Virginia will develop guides and factsheets in the coming months to help families transition if required. 

If CMS approves the FIS waiver, DMAS intends to submit requests for the other waivers that match the FIS waiver request to remove the consumer direction option for parents of minors and spouses. 

This does not apply to adults with FIS waivers whose parents are paid provider(s).

Public Health Emergency Ended May 11, 2023

Medicaid Eligibility Redetermination Resumed - Can they contact you?
During the Public Health Emergency, the Departments of Social Services(DSS) did not re-determine if people with Medicaid were still eligible for Medicaid. In March 2023 the Departments of Social Services(DSS) started re-determining if people are eligible. If you have Medicaid and want to keep it, make sure that your local DSS has your current address and contact information.  To update your contact information and to find out when your Medicaid renewal date is you may:
Go Online at, or
Call Cover Virginia at 1-855-242-8282 or
Call your local Department of Social Services.

DD Waiver Waitlist as of May 2023
Total # on Waitlist: 15,057  52% of the Total are under 18 years of age.
3,622 of the Total are Priority Level 1.

If you are on the DD Waiver Waitlist make sure that your DD Waiver application documents accurately reflect your current situation.  Request the following application documents from your Community Services Board:

VIDES - Everyone on the DD Waiver Wait List 

Priority Level - Everyone on the DD Waiver Wait List

Critical Needs Summary - Everyone on Priority Level 1 

Waiver Slot Assignment Review Form - those who are going to be reviewed by the DD Waiver Slot Assignment Committee

Review the information on the forms for accuracy.  Call your Support Coordinator/Case Manager if updates are needed. 
For the documents and more information about the DD Waiver application process click here.


The Arc of Virginia will provide updates as information becomes available. Facebook is the first place we alert readers to changes.  Or you may check this webpage anytime.

 If you need information about Virginia public resources for people with or at risk of disabilities contact The Arc of Virginia ([email protected],  (804)649-8481 x 104) 

If you have questions about Medicaid/Cardinal Care you may email:

DD Waiver:  [email protected]
CCC+ Waiver:  [email protected]
General Inquiries:  [email protected]

Question and Answer:

Q: Where can I get information about advocacy for the DD Waitlist and other information? 
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     If you have other questions please submit them to

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